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PT. Mustika KAMI is a recruitment agency Indonesian sailors. Our company selects the sailors qualified and honest. Our best service to satisfy our customers has led us to this position. Our company is one of the best recruitment companies in Indonesia. We believe that customer satisfaction must be our goal. So our recruitment of sailors is efficient and high quality.

Efficient, because we have the capacity to provide sailors and crew within three days.
High quality, because we only choose the best sailors. Our recruitment is very precise and review all aspects of each individual. With this selection system we find the best sailors to navigate their ship.

In addition, our company maintains administrative and financial department that offers a comprehensive service to meet the demands. Sure they can find honest employees and training for each task in the departments of PT. Mustika KAMI.
Indonesia is a maritime country and Indonesian sailors are well known as strong sailors and workers. The demand for Indonesian sailors has grown in recent years. Therefore, the preparation system has been improved to meet the new IMO regulation and SCTW98.
It is our pleasure to inform you that the Department of Communications Marine has been included to IMO in 1998.

At this time PT. KAMI Mustika provides about seven different ships with a total of 835 sailors sent from 1980 to 2006 approximately 835 people. The ships are ships (of products and chemicals), research vessels, fishing boats, cargo and bulk vessels cariers and floating cranes. Our customers extends from Europe to Asia. For more information, please see note in Appendix.

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